Starting Hypothesis:

"Geological processes and other natural phenomena on Planet Earth may have a correlation with some Astrological - Asteroidal patterns".

This website is dedicated to a collection of my data about a research that is focused on the "Plate Tectonics" geological paradigm and the "Orbital Symbolism" of some Minor Planets, as the model for the metaphor- building process of deriving their meaning.
Also, some extensions to other possible paradigms are tried.
A step by step inserting of 1) updated results in previous messages to Zane Stein's "Centaurs" Email Group, and 2) results about recent events, is carried out.
The site is continuously under construction: so, something can be always corrected.

Francesco Schiavinotto


Up to now, figures, photos, drawings that are used in this NO-PROFIT website, are taken mainly from the web. If there are any cases where copyright has been violated without my intention, please inform me.
If the use of an image will be denied, it will be removed immediately.