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Makemake / Sun conjunction

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Yuriko Koike (Koike Yuriko, born July 15, 1952) is a Japanese politician, who was the Minister of Defense in the Cabinet of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, but resigned August 27, 2007 after only 54 days in office. She is a member of the House of Representatives of Japan for Tokyo's 10th district.

Early life and education
Born and raised in Ashiya, Hyogo, a wealthy Kobe suburb, Koike went to Konan Girls' Junior and Senior High School for her secondary education.
Her father, Yujiro Koike, was a foreign trade merchant who handled oil products. He was also involved in politics, supporting Shintaro Ishihara and the Tatenokai in 1960s, and ran for a national election to no avail in 1969. He occasionally told Yuriko his opinion that it was essential for Japan to strengthen relations with Arab countries in order to ensure a stable petroleum supply lest the resource-poor Japan be thrust into war for oil again. His word encouraged her to decide to study in Egypt to master Arabic.
After attending the School of Sociology at Kwansei Gakuin University in 1971 and the American University in Cairo in 1972, Koike received a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Cairo University in 1976. She married a Japanese student in Egypt when she was 21 years old, but divorced soon.

 Career in media
Koike anchored TV Tokyo's World Business Satellite, the nation-wide TV business news program from 1988 to 1992, after co-hosting Kenichi Takemura's Storytelling on Social Aspects (???? ,Seso kodan?) of NTV from 1979 to 1985.

 Career in politics

Koike currently belongs to the Liberal Democratic Party after she belonged to the Japan New Party, New Frontier Party, Liberal Party, and New Conservative Party. She has also served one term in the House of Councillors. She is one of the five Vice Secretary Generals of the Diet Members' Committee of Japan Conference (Nippon Kaigi), the country's largest conservative think tank, once chaired by Taro Aso.
A past participant in the World Economic Forum, Koike has been considered a prime candidate to become Japan's first female prime minister. Koike is a long-time participant in the U.S.-Japan Legislative Exchange Program hosted by George Washington University and run by Professor Henry Nau.
She previously served as the Minister of the Environment and Minister of State for Okinawa and Northern Territories Affairs in the Cabinet of Junichiro Koizumi, Abe's predecessor. She has been responsible for starting the Cool Biz campaign in Japanese political circles.
Originally representing Hyogo Prefecture, Koike became one of Koizumi's "assassins" in the 2005 Lower House election, and was critical of LDP members who were defiant of Koizumi's leadership. Her most recent position before becoming Minister of Defense was Special Advisor to the Prime Minister for National Security Issues in the Abe Cabinet.
Koike announced on August 24, 2007 that she intended to resign from the post, citing the Aegis classified information leak scandal as a reason. Koike later hinted that the much publicized fight she had had with Chief Cabinet Secretary Yasuhisa Shiozaki over a vice-minister replacement was the real reason, as the opposition would use that to oppose a bill on Japan's terrorism laws.

 2008 LDP leadership election
On September 8, 2008, Koike launched her bid to become President of the LDP and became the first woman ever to seek the premiership in Japan's history: "I have received the enthusiastic support of my colleagues. In order to break through the deadlock facing Japanese society, I believe the country might as well have a female candidate. Hillary used the word 'glass ceiling' ... but in Japan, it isn't glass, it's an iron plate. I'm not Mrs Thatcher, but what is needed is a strategy that advances a cause with conviction, clear policies and sympathy with the people."
In the leadership election, held on September 22, Taro Aso won with 351 of the 527 votes; Koike placed third with 46 votes.

Political positions
Koike supports for economic liberalism, promotes administrative and budgetary reform, and insists on further advancement of the status of women in the working world. Her motto is "Check, Challenge, Change, Creative and Communication."
Having learned ecological lifestyle from her own experience of wartime austerities in Egypt, Koike actively addresses environmental issues. She received the Japan Jewelry Best Dresser Award for her success in the Cool Biz and Warm Biz campaign. She expressed the idea of introducing carbon tax in 2005 so that Japan might achieve the goals of the Kyoto Protocol, but her idea has not been realized yet. In 2006, she started the "Mottainai Furoshiki" campaign, which urges shoppers to use furoshiki in place of plastic shopping bags. She is against the use of biofuels made from food crops. Her hope is that Japan will be a society where citizens and companies can make profits by contributing to the protection of the environment, for example through emissions trading.
As a conservative nationalist, Koike belongs to the Diet members' league to support the Japanese Society for History Textbook Reform. She is also a member of the Diet members' group to promote Yasukuni Shrine visits, led by Yoshinobu Shimamura, and goes to worship the war dead at the shrine on War-End Day, August 15, almost every year. Not being able to visit it due to an official trip to Okinawa, she sent her proxy to worship at the shrine in 2007. She insists on developing an environment to encourage the emperor to visit Yasukuni.
Her foreign and security policies are often regarded as hawkish. She suggested that the prime minister revise the interpretation of Article 9 of the Constitution of Japan to enable the government to exercise the right to collective self-defense. She supports the United States' policy in the war against terrorism and opposes the Japanese government's tradition of U.N.-centered foreign policy. During the 2008 LDP leadership election, she pledged to make Russia return the four disputed islands to Japan if she was elected as prime minister.

1977 - Interpreter and Translator of Arabic, Secretary General of the Japan-Arab Association.
1978 - Interviewer and Coordinator for the Nippon TV Special "Colonel Qaddafi and Yasser Arafat"
1979 - News presenter for Nippon TV's Daily Program "Current Issues"
1988-1989 - News presenter for TV Tokyo's Financial and Business Programs "World Business Satellite" and "Top Business Executives"
1990 - Secretary General of the Japan-Arab Association.
1992 - Elected to the House of Councillors from the Japan New Party.
1993 - Elected to the House of Representatives from Hyogo Prefecture's Second District, Vice-Minister of the Management and Coordination Agency.
1994 - Vice-President of the Japan New Party, founding member of the New Frontier Party.
1995 - Assistant to the Secretary General of the New Frontier Party.
1996 - Director of the Public Relations Bureau of the New Frontier Party, re-elected to the House of Representatives from Hyogo Prefecture's Sixth District.
1997 - Chair of the Standing Committee on Science and Technology of the House of Representatives
1998 - Founding Member of the Liberal Party, member of the Standing Committee on Trade and Industry of the House of Representatives, Director of the Standing Committee on Finance of the House of Representatives.
1999 - Member of the Committee on Public Relations of the Liberal Party, State Secretary for the Economic Planning Chair of the Liberal Party.
2000 - Member of the Standing Committee on Finance and the Standing Committee on Health and Welfare of the House of Representatives, Vice-Chair of the New Conservative Party Policy Planning Committee, and re-elected to the House of Representatives from Hyogo Prefecture's Sixth District.
2003 - Minister of the Environment, Minister in Charge of Global Environmental Problems (Second Koizumi Cabinet), re-elected to the House of Representatives, Minister of the Environment and Minister in Charge of Global Environmental Problems (Second Reshuffled First Koizumi Cabinet), and member of the Committee on Economy, Trade and Industry and the Committee on Foreign Affairs, House of Representatives.
2004 - Minister of the Environment, Minister in Charge of Global Environmental Problems, and Minister of State for Okinawa and Northern Territories Affairs (Reshuffled Second Koizumi Cabinet).
2005 - Minister of the Environment, Minister in Charge of Global Environmental Problems, and Minister of State for Okinawa and Northern Territories Affairs (Third Koizumi Cabinet and reshuffled Third Koizumi Cabinet). Re-elected to the House of Representatives.
2006 - Special Advisor to the Prime Minister for National Security Affairs (First Abe Cabinet).
2007 - Minister of Defense (First Abe Cabinet). Left office after only 54 days in office.



Assuming noon in Kobe (Lat34n43 - Lon135e17), 3:00 UT

Using RIYAL 3.13

Astrological Setting (Tropical - Placidus)

      RIYAL  Tue July 15 1952  UT 3h00m00s  Lat34n43  Lon135e17   SORT ALL

     Planet       Longit:     Latit.     Declin.   Const.

      PB112    =  0Cp07 r   15s38   39s05   CrA     
      Thereus  =  0Vi13     15s12    2s52   Sex     
      QB243    =  0Le29      3n12   23n11   Cnc     
      XA255    =  0Ta33     12s19    0n06   Cet     
      GM137    =  0Le49      7n17   27n05   Cnc    
      VS2      =  0Pi51 r    7n11    4s27   Aqr     
      PA44     =  0Ar53      2n31    2n39   Psc      
      Chaos    =  1Ar05 r    9s16    8s04   Cet     
      RP120    =  1Sc06 r   11s19   22s26   Hya    
      Pholus   =  1Aq38 r    1s13   20s59   Cap   
      Amycus   =  1Ta54     12n51   24n09   Psc   
      MS4      =  2Sc04 r    0s41   12s50   Vir   
      OO67     =  2Sa16 r   19n54    1s05   Ser     
      CF119    =  2Ge37     17n12   37n30   Per    
      UJ438    =  3Sa06 r    1s09   21s55   Sco    
      SB60     =  3Cp19 r    2s33   25s57   Sgr     
      DA62     =  3Ta28      4s13    8n43   Cet     
      QB1      =  3Aq32 r    1s50   21s10   Cap    
      CY118    =  3Ca36     23s43    0s18   Ori    
      GB32     =  3Le53     11s09    8n26   Cnc     
      Cyllarus =  3Sc58 r    3n28    9s35   Vir     
      GV9      =  4Le27     17s50    1n48   Hya     
      (Moon)     =  4Ta32      4n59   17n44   Ari     
      SQ73     =  4Le41     15n49   34n24   Lyn     
      QF6      =  5Li15     17n44   14n10   Com     
      CZ118    =  5Le25     18n02   36n20   Lyn    
      CO1      =  5Ar58 r   19s13   15s14   Cet     
      TO66     =  6Aq19 r   21s47   39s39   Mic     
      CR105    =  6Ge35     20s02    1n39   Tau   
      Varuna   =  6Ta38     15s06    0s34   Cet    
      HB57     =  6Le43     14s24    4n38   Hya     
      SA278    =  6Pi46 r    3n57    5s22   Aqr     
      Radamantu=  7Ca13     12n22   35n36   Aur  
      RZ214    =  7Cp14 r   18n59    4s18   Sct     
      WL7      =  7Sc14 r    6s37   20s11   Vir     
      Quaoar   =  8Li01      0n09    3s03   Vir     
      Bienor   =  8Ge07     19n46   41n07   Per    
      Mars     =  8Sc15      1s41   15s51   Lib     
      Eris     =  8Ar17 r   24s13   18s54   Cet    
      OR10  = 8Aq35    15s47   33s18   Mic
      Chiron   =  8Cp40 r    7n10   16s01   Sgr     
      GQ21     =  8Le46     11s51    6n37   Hya     
      Asbolus  =  9Ca02     16n59   40n04   Aur   
      Saturn   =  9Li10      2n25    1s25   Vir     
      RN43    =  9Sa12 r   17n44    4s17   Oph    
      VU2      =  9Sc45 r    6s11   20s36   Lib      
      XR190    = 11Ta50     28n23   42n02   And   
      Typhon   = 12Ar07 r    0n49    5n32   Psc     
      TD10     = 12Sc12 r    3n45   11s55   Lib     
      Hylonome = 12Ta25      2s48   12n54   Ari     
      UR163    = 12Aq27 r    0n09   16s56   Cap   
      KF77     = 12Ca44      4n13   27n02   Gem     
      TY364    = 13Aq03 r    3n27   13s36   Aqr     
      FP185    = 13Ca24     29s30    6s36   Mon     
      Crantor  = 13Ar29     12s24    6s06   Cet    
      96PW     = 13Vi33     11n04   16n40   Leo     
      Echeclus = 13Ca37      3s45   19n01   Gem    
      RR43     = 13Aq37 r   22s28   38s05   Gru     
      RD215    = 13Cp49 r   25n37    2n46   Ser   
      MW12     = 14Li21      4n41    1s20   Vir     
      KX14     = 14Vi44      0s21    5n42   Leo     
      Uranus   = 14Ca44      0n22   23n00   Gem    
      RM43     = 14Aq45 r   23s17   38s29   Gru     
      FZ53     = 15Pi06 r   23n45   16n01   Peg   
      VQ94     = 15Ar46 r   43s43   33s46   For   
      FZ173    = 15Ca49     12n08   34n33   Gem   
      Ixion    = 15Li59     15n54    8n24   Vir     
      DH5      = 16Aq06 r    8n44    7s40   Aqr     
      Jupiter  = 16Ta10      1s07   15n37   Ari      
      RZ215    = 16Sc19 r   23s48   39s19   Cen    
      VR130    = 16Sc20 r    2n36   14s14   Lib    
      Elatus   = 16Pi38 r    5s50   10s39   Aqr      
      Nessus   = 16Ta59      4n01   20n46   Ari     
      OM67     = 17Sa09 r   22s16   44s58   Sco   
      CO104    = 17Pi49 r    0s22    5s09   Aqr    
      Neptune  = 18Li59      1n40    5s54   Vir     
      WN188    = 19Cp02 r    7n53   14s18   Sgr      
      Mercury = 19Le12      0s29   14n36   Leo   
      (Ascend)   = 19Li23      0n00    7s35   Vir                                 
      YQ179    = 19Ta27     18s14    0n00   Tau     
      Ceto     = 19Ar40     10s35    2s06   Cet     
      Pluto    = 20Le17      8n54   23n09   Leo     
      Apogee   = 20Ca22      2n45   24n37   Gem                                 
      (Midheav)  = 21Ca28      0n00   21n44   Gem                                 
      Okyrhoe  = 21Ar30      6s05    2n44   Psc      
      TC302    = 21Pi35 r   20s49   22s22   Cet     
      Node     = 21Aq56 r    0n00   14s12   Cap                                 
      TL66     = 22Aq17 r   23n42    8n23   Equ     
      BL41     = 22Sc22 r   10s15   28s15   Lib    
      Sun      = 22Ca33      0n00   21n34   Gem     
      EL61     = 22Le38     11n08   24n28   Leo     
      CE10     = 22Li51 r   31s04   37s17   Cen     
      XX143    = 23Vi07      6n19    8n32   Vir     
      Teharonhi= 23Sa19 r    1s41   24s58   Oph     
      PN34     = 23Le30      7s14    6n51   Leo    
      RG33     = 23Ca37     33n13   53n52   Lyn     
      OP32     = 23Sc41 r   22n31    3n10   Ser     
      CC22     = 23Aq43 r    0s45   14s20   Cap      
      FY9     = 23Ca51     17n18   38n20   Lyn     
      Pelion   = 23Ca53      2s00   19n22   Gem     
      Sedna    = 24Ar52     10s25    0s05   Cet   
      BU48     = 24Aq56 r    3s02   16s05   Cap    
      Chariklo = 24Sa56 r   14s08   37s28   Sco     
      XZ255    = 25Vi10      2n30    4n13   Vir     
      Vertex   = 25Ta40                                                         
      AZ84     = 25Ta50      3n54   23n00   Tau    
      Huya     = 26Ca21     12s04    9n02   CMi     
      TX300    = 26Cp33 r   12s57   33s32   Sgr     
      Pylenor  = 27Ca21      1s47   18n57   Cnc     
      AW197    = 27Ge37     12n26   35n51   Aur     
      Deucalion= 27Le57      0n21   12n31   Leo     
      Venus    = 28Ca08      1n05   21n36   Cnc    
      LE31     = 28Sa17 r   10n59   12s27   Ser     
      QD112    = 28Ge35     14n03   37n29   Aur   
      Logos    = 28Ge38      1s58   21n28   Ori    
      Orcus    = 28Ge42      0s04   23n22   Tau     
      OX3      = 28Sc45 r    1s27   21s19   Sco     
      GZ32     = 29Ta03     11s16    8n56   Tau    
      UX25     = 29Aq06 r   16n31    3n43   Peg   
      RL43     = 29Li10      9n27    2s20   Vir     
      PJ30     = 29Vi35      5s06    4s31   Vir

Focused Minor Planets     

Makemake = 23 Ca 51
Pelion     = 23 Ca 53
Sun        = 22 Ca 33

OP32     =  23 Sc 41 r     Trine

Sedna    =  24 Ar 52        Square

Teharonhi= 23 Sa 19 r    Quincunx

TL66      =   22 Aq 17 r
Node      =   21 Aq 56 r
Haumea  = 22 Le 38

Sun       =    22 Ca 33     Quincunx
XX143  =    23 Vi 07

Teharonhi= 23 Sa 19 r    Sextile

TC302    = 21 Pi 35 r      Semisextile

Ceto     =   19 Ar 40
Neptune  = 18 Li 59

Mercury = 19 Le 12     Trine
Pluto     =  20 Le 17

YQ179   = 19 Ta 27       Semisextile

Orcus    =  28 Ge 42
AW197   = 27 Ge 37
Logos     = 28 Ge 38

Venus    = 28 Ca 08     Semisextile

UX25     = 29 Aq 06 r   Trine

OX3      = 28 Sc 45 r     Quincunx

Huya      =  26 Ca 21
Venus   =  28 Ca 08
TX300   =  26 Cp 33 r

Eris     =   8 Ar 17 r
Quaoar   =  8 Li 01
Saturn    =  9 Li 10

Mars    =  8 Sc 15      Quincunx

Bienor  =  8 Ge 07     Sextile

GQ21   =  8 Le 46      Trine
RN43  =  9 Sa 12 r

Chiron  =  8 Cp 40 r   T Square
Asbolus  =  9 Ca 02

Ixion    =   15 Li 59
MW12  =   14 Li 21
VQ94    =  15 Ar 46 r

Jupiter  = 16 Ta 10      Quincunx
Nessus   = 16 Ta 59

Uranus  = 14 Ca 44    Square
FZ173    = 15 Ca 49

RM43     = 14 Aq 45 r   Trine

RZ215    = 16 Sc 19 r   Semisextile
VR130    = 16 Sc 20 r

Astrological Setting (Sidereal - Fagan/Bradley)
RIYAL  Tue July 15 1952  UT 3h00m00s  Lat34n43  Lon135e17   SORT ALL

      Planet       Longit.

      Sedna    =  0Ar47     
      BU48     =  0Aq51 r    
      Chariklo =  0Sa51 r  
      XZ255    =  1Vi05      
      Vertex   =  1Ta35                                                         
      AZ84     =  1Ta46     
      Huya     =  2Ca16     
      TX300    =  2Cp28 r  
      Pylenor  =  3Ca16      
      AW197    =  3Ge32   
      Deucalion=  3Le53      
      Venus    =  4Ca03          
      LE31     =  4Sa13 r   
      QD112    =  4Ge30     
      Logos    =  4Ge34     
      Orcus    =  4Ge37    
      OX3      =  4Sc40 r    
      GZ32     =  4Ta58    
      UX25     =  5Aq01 r   
      RL43     =  5Li06    
      PJ30     =  5Vi30    
      PB112    =  6Sa02 r  
      Thereus  =  6Le08     
      QB243    =  6Ca24      
      XA255    =  6Ar28     
      GM137    =  6Ca44     
      VS2      =  6Aq46 r   
      PA44     =  6Pi48      
      Chaos    =  7Pi00 r    
      RP120    =  7Li01 r   
      Pholus   =  7Cp33 r    
      Amycus   =  7Ar49    
      MS4      =  7Li59 r  
      OO67     =  8Sc11 r   
      CF119    =  8Ta33     
      UJ438    =  9Sc01 r   
      SB60     =  9Sa15 r    
      DA62     =  9Ar23     
      QB1      =  9Cp27 r    
      CY118    =  9Ge31     
      GB32     =  9Ca48     
      Cyllarus =  9Li53 r    
      GV9      = 10Ca23     
      (Moon)     = 10Ar27       
      SQ73     = 10Ca36    
      QF6      = 11Vi10    
      CZ118    = 11Ca20    
      CO1      = 11Pi54 r   
      TO66     = 12Cp14 r   
      CR105    = 12Ta30     
      Varuna   = 12Ar33     
      HB57     = 12Ca38     
      SA278    = 12Aq41 r    
      Radamantu= 13Ge08   
      RZ214    = 13Sa09 r   
      WL7      = 13Li10 r   
      Quaoar   = 13Vi56     
      Bienor   = 14Ta03    
      Mars     = 14Li10              
      Eris    = 14Pi12 r   
      Chiron   = 14Sa35 r    
      GQ21     = 14Ca41     
      Asbolus  = 14Ge57     
      Saturn   = 15Vi06        
      RN43     = 15Sc07 r  
      VU2      = 15Li40 r    
      XR190    = 17Ar45     
      Typhon   = 18Pi02 r    
      TD10     = 18Li07 r    
      Hylonome = 18Ar20      
      UR163    = 18Cp22 r   
      KF77     = 18Ge39      
      TY364    = 18Cp58 r  
      FP185    = 19Ge19     
      Crantor  = 19Pi25     
      96PW     = 19Le29     
      Echeclus = 19Ge32     
      RR43    = 19Cp32 r
      RD215    = 19Sa44 r   
      MW12     = 20Vi17      
      KX14     = 20Le39      
      Uranus   = 20Ge39               
      RM43     = 20Cp40 r   
      FZ53     = 21Aq01 r
      VQ94     = 21Pi41 r   
      FZ173    = 21Ge44     
      Ixion    = 21Vi54    
      DH5      = 22Cp01 r    
      Jupiter  = 22Ar05     
      RZ215    = 22Li14 r   
      VR130    = 22Li15 r    
      Elatus   = 22Aq33 r    
      Nessus   = 22Ar54     
      OM67     = 23Sc04 r  
      CO104    = 23Aq44 r  
      Neptune = 24Vi55           
      WN188    = 24Sa58 r    
      Mercury = 25Ca08          
      (Ascend)   = 25Vi19              
      YQ179    = 25Ar23    
      Ceto     = 25Pi35     
      Pluto   = 26Ca12      
      Apogee   = 26Ge17                       
      (Midheav)  = 27Ge23             
      Okyrhoe  = 27Pi25     
      TC302    = 27Aq31 r   
      Node     = 27Cp51 r                  
      TL66     = 28Cp12 r
      BL41     = 28Li17 r   
      Sun      = 28Ge29         
      EL61    = 28Ca33     
      CE10     = 28Vi46 r   
      XX143    = 29Le02      
      Teharonhi= 29Sc15 r    
      PN34     = 29Ca25     
      RG33     = 29Ge32     
      OP32     = 29Li36 r  
      CC22     = 29Cp38 r    
      FY9     = 29Ge47     
      Pelion   = 29Ge48

Focused Minor Planets

FY9     =   29 Ge 47
Pelion   =  29 Ge 48
Sun      =  28 Ge 29

OP32   =  29 Li 36 r     Trine

Sedna  =    0 Ar 47      Square

Teharonhi=   29 Sc 15 r  Quincunx

TL66     =  28 Cp 12 r
Node     =  27 Cp 51 r
Haumea  = 28 Ca 33

Sun      =   28 Ge 29       Quincunx
XX143  =  29 Le 02

Teharonhi=  29 Sc 15 r    Sextile
TC302    =  27 Aq 31 r    Semisextile

Ceto     =   25 Pi 35
Neptune  = 24 Vi 55

Mercury =  25 Ca 08    Trine
Pluto     =  26 Ca 12

YQ179   =  25 Ar 23       Semisextile

Orcus    =  4 Ge 37
AW197   =  3 Ge 32
Logos     =  4 Ge 34

Venus    =  4 Ca 03     Semisextile

UX25     =  5 Aq 01 r    Trine

OX3      =   4 Sc 40 r    Quincunx

Huya     =   2 Ca 16
Venus  =   4 Ca 03
TX300  =   2 Cp 28 r

Eris     =   14 Pi 12 r
Quaoar  = 13 Vi 56
Saturn   = 15 Vi 06

Mars    =   14 Li 10      Quincunx

Bienor   =  14 Ta 03     Sextile

GQ21     =  14 Ca 41    Trine
RN43    =  15 Sc 07 r

Chiron   =   14 Sa 35 r  T Square
Asbolus  =  14 Ge 57

Ixion    =   21 Vi 54
MW12  =   20 Vi 17
VQ94   =   21 Pi 41 r

Jupiter  =  22 Ar 05      Quincunx
Nessus   = 22 Ar 54

Uranus   = 20 Ge 39    Square
FZ173     =  21 Ge 44

RM43      = 20 Cp 40 r  Trine

RZ215    =  22 Li 14 r    Semisextile
VR130   =   22 Li 15 r

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