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>>Simon Wiesenthal (Buczacz, December 31, 1908 – Vienna, September 20, 2005) was an Austrian-Jewish architectural engineer and Holocaust survivor who became famous after World War II for his work as a Nazi hunter who pursued Nazi war criminals in an effort to bring them to justice.
Following four and a half years in the German concentration camps of Janowska, Plaszow, and Mauthausen during World War II, Wiesenthal dedicated most of his life to tracking down and gathering information on fugitive Nazis so that they could be brought to justice for war crimes and crimes against humanity. As soon as his health improved, Wiesenthal began working for the U.S. Army gathering documentation for the Nazi war crimes trials. In 1947, he and 30 other volunteers founded the Jewish Documentation Center in Linz, Austria, in order to gather information for future trials. Wiesenthal also wrote The Sunflower, which describes a life-changing event he experienced when he was in the camp.
Wiesenthal died in his sleep at age 96 in Vienna on September 20, 2005, and was buried in the city of Herzliya in Israel on 23 September. He is survived by his daughter, Paulinka Kriesberg, and three grandchildren. The Simon Wiesenthal Center, located in Los Angeles in the United States, is named in honor of him.

Early life

Wiesenthal was born at 11:30 pm on December 31st, 1908 in Buczacz, Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria (then part of Austria-Hungary, now Buchach, part of the Ternopil Oblast section of Ukraine) to a Jewish merchant family. He enjoyed a relatively pleasant early childhood, during which his father, Asher Wiesenthal, a 1905 refugee from the pogroms of czarist Russia (1869-1917), became an established citizen in Buczacz trading in sugar and other wholesale commodities.
With the outbreak of the First World War in 1914, however, his father, as a reserve in the Austro-Hungarian Army, was called to active duty and died in combat on the Eastern Front in 1917. With Russian control of Galicia during this period, Wiesenthal and his remaining family (mother and brother) fled taking refuge in Vienna, Austria.
Wiesenthal and his brother went to school in Vienna until the Russian retreat from Galicia in 1917, when they moved back to Buczacz. At the Humanistic Gymnasium, where Simon went to school during those years, he met his future wife Cyla Muller, whom he would marry in 1936. In 1925, his mother remarried and moved with his brother to the Carpathian Mountains. Simon opted to continue his studies in Buczacz, but visited them often.
After graduating high school in 1927, he was denied admission to the Polish Lwów Polytechnic because of quota restrictions on Jewish students. Instead, he attended the Technical University in Prague, which he graduated in 1932 receiving a degree in architectural engineering.
In 1934 and 1935, Wiesenthal apprenticed as a building engineer in Stalinist Soviet Russia, spending a few weeks in Kharkov and Kiev and the rest of the apprenticeship in the Black Sea port of Odessa.
Returning to Galicia at the end of his Russian apprenticeship, Wiesenthal was finally allowed to enter Lwów Polytechnic and tried to earn the advanced degree that would allow him to practice architecture in Poland. Following his marriage, he opened his own architectural office in Lwów, despite not having a Polish diploma in hand, but a Czech one from Prague. He specialised in elegant villas, which wealthy Polish Jews were building despite the threats of Nazism to the west. His career spanned all of three years until he finished his final job a week before the German invasion, which began September 1, 1939.

World War II

Wiesenthal was living in Lwów (then part of Poland, and now Lviv, the largest city in western Ukraine), when World War II began. As a result of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, Lwów was occupied by the Soviet Union on 17 September 1939. Wiesenthal's stepfather and stepbrother were killed by agents of the NKVD, the Soviet state security and secret police, as a part of the anti-Polish purge designed to eliminate all Polish enemies of the people that followed the Soviet occupation of Lwów. Wiesenthal was forced to close his firm and work in a factory. He bribed a NKVD commissar to prevent a deportation of him, wife, and mother to a Gulag labor camp in Siberia. When Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union in June of 1941, Wiesenthal and his family were captured.
Wiesenthal survived an early wave of executions during the Holocaust thanks to the intervention of a man named Bodnar, a Ukrainian auxiliary policeman who, on July 6, 1941, saved him from execution by the Nazis then occupying Lwów, as recalled in Wiesenthal's memoir, The Murderers Among Us, written with Joseph Wechsberg. Wiesenthal and his wife were first imprisoned in the Janowska Street camp in the suburbs of the city, where they were forced to work on the local railroad. Simon and Cyla worked at the Lwów Railroad Repair Yard where Simon painted Swastica and Eagle Shields. The head SS soldier was a man named Heinrich Gunthert. Gunthert asked Wiesenthal, on one occasion, where he was educated. Wiesenthal, remembering that an educated Jew was a dead Jew, lied and said he went to a trade school. Several men stated that he lied and Gunthert confronted him. He asked Wiesenthal why he lied and Wiesenthal confessed. Gunthert respected Wiesenthal for his education and gave him the job of Architectural Design and a comfortable office to work in. Another head SS man named Kohlrautz gave him two pistols to hide in his office and kept them a secret.
In the ghetto, Wiesenthal’s mother was crammed among other Jewish women on to a freight train to the extermination camp of Belzec, where she perished in August 1942. Around the same time, Cyla Wiesenthal found out her mother had been shot back in Buczacz on her front porch by a Ukrainian policeman as she was being evicted from her home. Cyla and Simon Wiesenthal lost 89 relatives during the Holocaust.
Members of the Home Army, the underground Polish army, helped Cyla Wiesenthal escape from the camp and provided her with false documents in exchange for diagrams of railroad junctions drawn by her husband. Cyla Wiesenthal was able to hide her Jewish identity from the Nazis because of her blonde hair and survived the war as a forced-laborer in the Rhineland. Until the end of the war, Simon believed she had perished in the Warsaw Uprising. Following their surprising reunion, they soon had their first and only child, Pauline, in 1946 (who now lives in Israel).
April 20 (1943) marked Hitler's birthday. The Janowska guards decided to shoot 44 Jews in celebration for Hitler's birthday. Wiesenthal and three other inmates were given the task to paint posters saying "Wir lieben unseren Führer!" (We love our Leader!) Two SS guards caught them and took them to Janowska. Wiesenthal remembers looking at Gunthert and Gunthert shrugging his shoulders at him. At Janowska the three men lined up with 40 other prisoners. The prisoners were stripped and lead through the Hose. The Hose was a 6'-7' wide passage. The hose led to some Sandpits where numerous bodies lay dead. The prisoners were lined up hands at the back of their necks. Five SS men and the SS commander came walking out with submachine guns. Wiesenthal heard the shots and counted five shots. One prisoner fell. Wiesenthal stopped counting and men kept falling. They were the only three men left and yet the loudspeaker rang, "Wiesenthal is needed at the front." At the front of the camp stood Kohlrauts. He was saved, again.
However, Simon Wiesenthal did not escape imprisonment so quickly. With the help of a deputy director of the camp he managed to escape from Janowska before the Nazis murdered the camp's inmates in October of 1943, and escaped into the Polish underground (for his expertise in engineering and architecture would help the Polish Partisans with bunkers and lines of fortification against German forces).
He was recaptured in June of the following year (1944) by Gestapo officers. After two failed suicide attempts, Wiesenthal and the 34 remaining Janowska prisoners were sent on a death march from camps in Poland (including Plaszów) and Germany to the Mauthausen concentration camp in Austria. By the time he was liberated by American forces on May 5 1945, he had been imprisoned in 12 different concentration camps, including five death camps, and had narrowly escaped execution on a number of occasions. His wife passed as Aryan, a non-Jewish person, and escaped from the concentration camps with a fake ID.

At the time of his liberation, Wiesenthal stood at 1.80 m (5'11"), and weighed less than 45 kg (99 lb). As soon as his health improved, Wiesenthal began working for the U.S. Army gathering documentation for the Nazi war crimes trials. In 1947, he and 30 other volunteers founded the Jewish Documentation Center in Linz, Austria, in order to gather information for future trials. However, as the U.S. and the Soviet Union lost interest in further war crimes trials, the group drifted apart. Wiesenthal continued to gather information in his spare time while working full-time to help those affected by World War II.
During this time, Wiesenthal claimed to be instrumental in the capture and conviction of the transport manager of the "Final Solution," Adolf Eichmann, and was known to be actively involved in the manhunt for the former Nazi official. He was invited by Yad Vashem to talk about his part in tracking Eichmann down and he was earnestly instructed not to mention on any account that his whole correspondence had gone through the Israeli embassy or that Israeli intelligence had played a part. He faithfully obeyed, but this so angered Isser Harel, then head of the Mossad, that when he published his own memoirs in 1971 he likewise made no mention of Wiesenthal's role. Harel's allegations have been disputed at book length, and Wiesenthal's contributions to Harel's published efforts have never been acknowledged.
It should be noted, in regard to this and other accusations, that Wiesenthal's ecumenical but determined attitude toward tracking human rights abuses, represented by his comments, "justice, not vengeance," and "I am not a hater," have put him at odds with a wide variety of institutions and people over the years.
After Eichmann was executed in Israel in 1962, Wiesenthal reopened the Jewish Documentation Center, which now focused on other cases. Among his most high-profile successes was the capture of Karl Silberbauer, the Gestapo officer responsible for the arrest of Anne Frank. Silberbauer's confession helped discredit claims that The Diary of Anne Frank was a forgery. During this period Wiesenthal also located nine of the 16 Nazis later put on trial in West Germany for the murder of the Jewish population of Lwów and also captured Franz Stangl, the commandant of the Treblinka and Sobibor death camps, and Hermine Braunsteiner-Ryan, a former Aufseherin (literally, "female supervisor") living in Queens who had ordered and participated in the torture and murder of thousands of women and children at Majdanek.

Austrian politics and later life
In the 1970s he became involved in Austrian politics when he pointed out that several ministers in Bruno Kreisky's newly formed Socialist government had been Nazis when Austria was part of the Third Reich. Kreisky, himself Jewish, responded by attacking Wiesenthal as a Nestbeschmutzer (someone who dirties their own nest). In Austria, which took decades to acknowledge its role in Nazi crimes, Wiesenthal was ignored and often insulted. In 1975, after Wiesenthal had released a report on FPÖ party chairman Friedrich Peter's Nazi past, Chancellor Bruno Kreisky suggested Wiesenthal was part of a "certain mafia" seeking to besmirch Austria and even claimed Wiesenthal had collaborated with Nazis and Gestapo to survive, a charge that Wiesenthal labeled ridiculous.
Over the years Wiesenthal received many death threats. In 1982, a bomb placed by German and Austrian neo-Nazis exploded outside his house in Vienna, Austria.
During the Waldheim affair, Wiesenthal defended the Austrian president, for which he was severely criticized.
Even after turning 90, Wiesenthal spent time at his small office in the Jewish Documentation Center in central Vienna. In April 2003, Wiesenthal announced his retirement, saying that he had found the mass murderers he had been looking for: "I have survived them all. If there were any left, they'd be too old and weak to stand trial today. My work is done." According to Simon Wiesenthal, the last major Austrian war criminal still alive is Alois Brunner, Adolf Eichmann's right-hand man, who was last seen by reliable witnesses in 1992. However, Wiesenthal was also believed to be working on the case of Aribert Heim, one of the most notorious and wanted Nazi concentration camp doctors, prior to his retirement.
Wiesenthal spent his last years in Vienna, where his wife, Cyla, died of natural causes on 10 November 2003, at the age of 95. Wiesenthal died in his sleep at age 96 in Vienna on September 20, 2005, and was buried in the city of Herzliya in Israel on 23 September. He is survived by his daughter, Paulinka Kriesberg, and three grandchildren.
In a statement on Wiesenthal's death, Council of Europe chairman Terry Davis said, "Without Simon Wiesenthal's relentless effort to find Nazi criminals and bring them to justice, and to fight anti-Semitism and prejudice, Europe would never have succeeded in healing its wounds and reconciling itself... He was a soldier of justice, which is indispensable to our freedom, stability and peace."
In October, 2006, the Vienna city council overwhelmingly approved renaming a street in Wiesenthal's honor. The newly-named Simon-Wiesenthal-Gasse was formerly known as Ichmanngasse. The former name honored Franz Ichmann, a songwriter in the early 20th century, and card-carrying member of the Nazi party.

Despite Wiesenthal's achievements in locating many former Nazis, aspects of his work and life were controversial.
According to many historians who specialize in the Holocaust, such as Peter Novick and Yehuda Bauer, as well as the Nobel Prize-winning writer Elie Wiesel, Wiesenthal's repeated claim that five million gentiles were murdered in the Holocaust is a fabrication. Although significantly more than five million gentiles were killed by the Nazis, his opposition suggests that far fewer than five million were killed as part of a systematic campaign of genocide.
A 7 May 1991, article in the Jerusalem Post said that former Mossad chief Isser Harel had written an unpublished manuscript which claims that Wiesenthal,"not only 'had no role whatsoever' in Eichmann's apprehension, but in fact had endangered the entire Eichmann operation and aborted the planned capture of Auschwitz doctor Josef Mengele."Harel said that "[a]ll the information supplied by Wiesenthal, and in anticipation of the operation, was utterly worthless, and sometimes even misleading or of negative value."
Harel claimed that he wrote the manuscript out of frustration at the amount of credit Wiesenthal was claiming for the capture of Eichmann. Harel declined to publish his manuscript, saying that "Nazis and antisemites will be only too happy to read this about Nazi-fighter Wiesenthal."
In a subsequent opinion piece, Haim Mass argued that many of Harel's specific allegations against Wiesenthal could be disproved and that Wiesenthal had initiated the hunt for Eichmann by providing the first photograph of the SS Colonel. Wiesenthal himself questioned Harel's motivation for not publishing his manuscript, asking "if he is afraid that 'Nazis and antisemites will be only too happy to read about this Nazi-fighter Wiesenthal,' why does he not hesitate to indulge in discrediting me unreservedly in the media? Does he think Nazis and antisemites read only books, not newspapers?"
Fellow Nazi hunter Tuviah Friedman, who has known Wiesenthal since 1946, accused him of numerous self-aggrandizing lies and of making himself rich from the Eichmann affair. Another Nazi hunter, Serge Klarsfeld, characterized Wiesenthal as an egomaniac, although he also praised Wiesenthal's trailblazing and often lonely efforts to find justice for the victims of the Holocaust.
U.S. DOJ Office of Special Investigations head Eli Rosenbaum wrote in his study of the Kurt Waldheim affair:
"In sum, Wiesenthal's roles in the biggest Nazi cases of all — Mengele, Martin Bormann, and in all likelihood, Eichmann as well — were studies in ineptitude, exaggeration, and self-glorification."
Rosenbaum described Wiesenthal as "a congenital liar" to Wiesenthal's biographer, Hella Pick.
Rosenbaum's predecessor at OSI, Neal Sher, in response to Wiesenthal's demand that the OSI investigate suspected war criminals living in the United States, wrote that:
"few of your allegations have resulted in active ongoing investigations[;] the bottom line is that ... no allegation which originated from your office has resulted in a court filing by the OSI".
Simon Wiesenthal has also been criticized in relation with his handling of the Frank Walus case, in which a Polish born US citizen was accused by Wiesenthal of helping the Gestapo. Walus was exonerated by the US Justice Department, on appeal.
Wiesenthal responded to his critics in a letter to The Forward, published October 15, 1993:
"I am not familiar with the new book by Eli Rosenbaum and William Hoffer, but friends who have read it tell me that it is filled with hate and consists almost entirely of an attack on me. ...
"And now a Jew, Eli Rosenbaum, has written a book about me -- or rather against me. One wonders why this has appeared on the market just now -- seven years after the Waldheim affair. "The people from the World Jewish Congress, who were so committed to the Waldheim case, find it difficult to accept the results of the international commission of historians. This commission, which was formed at my instigation in Vienna, had come to the conclusion that Mr. Waldheim knew about the wartime crimes in the Balkans but that he was not personally involved in these. A similar judgment was pronounced by a committee that examined the documents about Mr. Waldheim on Thames Television in London. The committee included some of the most respected jurists; the former director of the Office of Special Investigations, Alan Ryan, functioned as prosecutor. This group, too, concluded that there is no 'case' against Mr. Waldheim.
"As I said, I have not yet read the book by Messrs. Rosenbaum and Hoffer, but I can be sure already that the neo-Nazis and all the Holocaust deniers will be overjoyed by its attacks against me."


DoB: 31/12/1908 Time: 23:30 (+1:00 MET) GMT Time: 21:27:56 by Astrodienst
Location: 25E23 49N04 Buchach (Ukraina)
Category: Various cases
Source: Databases of L. M. Rodden: L.M. Rodden, The American Book of Charts, 1980 -Verl”ssliche Zeit-

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    RIYAL  Thu December 31 1908  UT 21h27m56s  Lat49n04  Lon25e23   SORT ALL

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      CY118    =  0Ge28 r   25s26    4s40   Eri     
      CF119    =  0Ta37 r   19n48   30n05   Psc     
      FY9      =  0Ge51 r    9s06   11n26     Tau     
      VS2      =  1Cp00      7s29   30s56     Sgr     
      CO104    =  1Sa08      2s45   23s05   Sco     
      XA255    =  1Ar09     12s20   10s51   Cet     
      Moon     =  1Ta11      4s19    7n51      Cet     
      RL43     =  1Ca24 r   11s59   11n28   Ori     
      Pholus   =  1Sc46     24n08   10n36   Boo     
      BL41     =  2Le04 r    4s27   15n23    Cnc     
      DH5      =  2Sc21     18n07    4n45     Vir     
      CE10     =  2Vi37 r    0s20   10n14     Leo     
      QF6      =  3Vi05 r    0n34   10n55      Leo    
      Echeclus =  3Aq18      2n46   16s44   Cap    
      Asbolus  =  3Vi22 r   10n23   19n55   Leo     
      Crantor  =  3Vi35 r    7n36   17n16     Leo    
      Saturn   =  3Ar56      2s25    0s39      Psc      
      PB112    =  4Sa29     14s16   35s02   Lup     
      Ixion    =  4Vi39 r   19n45   28n04      LMi     
      XR190    =  4Ar48     43n47   41n13   Lac    
      Cyllarus =  4Vi56 r   12n31   21n19    Leo    
      RP120    =  5Sc04      5s54   18s46   Vir     
      UJ438    =  5Aq15      2n30   16s33   Cap     
      Pelion   =  5Aq17      0s05   19s02    Cap     
      XX143    =  5Ge38 r    4s07   17n12   Tau     
      RD215    =  5Sa45     15n53    5s38   Oph    
      FZ53     =  5Cp55     32n52    9n31     Oph    
      QD112    =  6Li04      0s35    2s57      Vir     
      OM67     =  6Sc28     21s55   34s11   Cen     
      GV9      =  6Ge41 r    0n47   22n13    Tau   
      CO1      =  7Vi33 r   20n07   27n16    Leo     
      VQ94     =  7Ar38     50s20   42s15   Phe   
      Orcus    =  7Ar41     20n07   21n26    Peg     
      QB1      =  8Sa33      2s00   23s43   Oph     
      MW12     =  9Vi12 r    9s25    0s37   Sex    
      Typhon   =  9Pi13      0s27    8s32     Aqr    
      CR105    =  9Ar26     20s34   15s08   Cet     
      KF77     =  9Ar33      0s07    3n40      Psc     
      96PW     =  9Vi35 r    8n48   16n07   Leo    
      Sun      =  9Cp51      0n00   23s05    Sgr      
      Sedna    =  9Ar54      8s49    4s11     Cet    
      EL61     = 10Ca09 r   10s55   12n10   Gem    
      Huya     = 10Ge17 r   15s38    6n31   Ori     
      Deucalion= 10Ca21 r    0n17   23n19   Gem     
      RG33     = 10Sc26      2s50   17s38   Lib     
      PJ30     = 10Le31 r    1s42   15n59   Cnc     
      HB57     = 10Ca43 r   15s37    7n27   Mon    
      Venus   = 11Sa14      1n14   20s55   Oph      
      Radamantu= 11Ar31      0n58    5n27   Psc     
      SQ73     = 11Sa33     13s40   35s42   Sco     
      GB32     = 12Ca09 r   13s48    9n09   Mon     
      MS4      = 12Vi23 r   14s35    6s34     Sex     
      UX25     = 12Cp28     18n45    4s11   Sct    
      Chaos    = 12Aq53     11s47   28s13   Mic    
      FP185    = 13Ge51 r   30s22    7s42   Eri     
      KX14     = 14Ca08 r    0n00   22n42   Gem     
      Mercury  = 14Cp23      2s01   24s41   Sgr      
      Jupiter = 14Vi31 r    1n11    7n12      Leo     
      PA44     = 14Ge35 r    2s25   20n09   Tau     
      RN43     = 14Li51      2n43    3s21      Vir     
      Pylenor  = 15Sc04      5n13   11s22    Lib     
      RM43     = 15Cp12     11s25   33s55   Sgr     
      TY364    = 15Sa13     22n13    0s32   Oph     
      CZ118    = 15Ca22 r   24n26   46n47   Lyn     
      Neptune  = 15Ca53 r    0s47   21n44   Gem    
      OO67     = 16Sc04     19n51    2n25    Ser     
      TL66     = 16Cp15     22n23    0s14    Aql    
      XZ255    = 16Cp17      1s13   23s40   Sgr     
      Hylonome = 16Aq25      2n34   13s28   Aqr     
      Uranus   = 16Cp35      0s24   22s49   Sgr     
      AW197    = 16Ta55 r   23n06   38n51   And    
      Apogee   = 17Le25      4n08   19n34    Leo                                 
      TX300    = 17Sc32     25s20   41s08   Cen     
      RZ215    = 17Li33     15s46   21s23     Crv    
      Okyrhoe  = 17Ca34 r   16s58    5n28   CMi    
      RR43     = 17Sa43      3n54   19s00    Oph     
      SA278    = 17Aq50      8n27    7s26    Aqr    
      FZ173    = 18Ge14 r   12n33   35n26   Aur     
      DA62     = 18Ar25 r   10s03    2s05    Cet     
      Quaoar   = 18Le30 r    6s15    9n20   Cnc    
      Chiron   = 20Aq23      6n02    8s58     Cap     
      BU48     = 20Sa37     11n00   12s09   Ser    
      Chariklo = 20Pi48     19n07   13n54   Peg     
      RZ214    = 21Sc03      6n14   12s01   Lib    
      YQ179    = 21Ar15 r   20s54   11s06   Cet     
      TC302    = 22Aq01     30s56   42s58   Gru    
      PN34     = 22Ca02 r    1n52   23n29   Gem     
      Elatus   =  22Pi11       5s26      8s05    Aqr     
      Amycus   = 22Aq19      2n10   12s02   Cap    
      CC22     = 22Sc21      7n46   10s51   Lib      
      OX3      = 22Li35      2s54   11s29      Vir     
      TO66     = 23Sc02     23s20   40s56   Cen     
      GZ32     = 23Sa15      5n53   17s25   Oph     
      VU2      = 23Pi37     12n11    8n39      Peg      
      WN188    = 23Aq38     10s51   23s52   Aqr    
      Mars     = 23Sc52      0n30   18s15   Lib     
      Nessus   = 23Pi55      8s57   10s38   Cet     
      Ceto     = 24Pi11      1s42    3s52       Aqr    
      QB243    = 24Ge24 r    6n13   29n33   Aur   
      Eris     = 24Pi32     31s28   30s45     Scl     
      Pluto    = 24Ge32 r    7s22   15n59   Tau     
      SB60     = 24Li44     23s07   30s53   Cen     
      Bienor   = 25Sc00     19s21   37s42   Lup     
      Vertex   = 25Pi13                                                         
      OP32     = 25Vi33 r    3s51    1s46     Vir     
      Logos    = 25Ar37 r    2s50    7n16     Psc   
      Node     = 25Ge54      0n00   23n23   Tau                                 
      UR163    = 26Sc14      0s40   19s58   Lib    
      WL7      =  26Pi39       0s44     2s00    Psc     
      Midheav  = 27Ge29      0n00   23n26   Tau                                 
      AZ84     = 27Pi33     12n51   10n48   Peg    
      Ascend   = 28Vi01      0n00    0n47   Vir                                 
      TD10     =  28Li33       2n26     8s41   Vir     
      GM137    = 28Vi38     15n48   15n00   Com     
      VR130    = 28Le45 r    2s01   10n01   Leo     
      GQ21     = 29Ge02 r   13s11   10n16   Ori    
      Thereus  = 29Ge10 r   19s45    3n42   Ori     
      Teharonhi= 29Li13      2s33   13s34   Vir     
      Varuna   = 29Aq20     13s53   24s40   Aqr   
      LE31     = 29Vi47 r   25n31   23n22   Com    

Focused Minor Planets

EL61     = 10 Ca 09 r       ("The Terror behind")    
Deucalion = 10 Ca 21 r
HB57     = 10 Ca 43 r
Sun       =   9 Cp 51

Venus  = 11 Sa 14       Quincunx

Sedna   =   9 Ar 54        Square
CR105  =   9 Ar 26
Rhadamanthus = 11 Ar 31  

Huya     = 10 Ge 17 r     Semisextile

Typhon  =   9 Pi 13        Trine

MW12   =   9 Vi 12 r      Sextile

VS2      =   1 Cp 00

Moon   =   1 Ta 11         Trine
CF119  =   0 Ta 37 r

Pholus   =  1 Sc 46        Sextile

Hylonome = 16 Aq 25   Semisquare
OO67    = 16 Sc 04

FY9       =   0 Ge 51 r    Quincunx

XA255  =   1 Ar 09        Square

RM43    =  15 Cp 12
TL66     =  16 Cp 15
Mercury  = 14 Cp 23
Uranus =  16 Cp 35
XZ255   =  16 Cp 17
Neptune  = 15 Ca 53 r
CZ118   =  15 Ca 22 r
KX14     =  14 Ca 08 r

Jupiter = 14 Vi 31 r      Grand Trine
AW197  =  16 Ta 55 r

Varuna  =  29 Aq 20      Semisquare

RN43     =  14 Li 51        Square

OO67     =  16 Sc 04      Sextile
Pylenor   = 15 Sc 04

TY364    = 15 Sa 13      Semisextile

Varuna   =  29 Aq 20

Mercury =  14 Cp 23     Semisquare

Ascend   =  28 Vi 01       Quincunx

GQ21      =  29 Ge 02 r   Trine
Thereus   =  29 Ge 10 r
Teharonhi = 29 Li 13        
TD10       =  28 Li 33

Eris     =  24 Pi 32  
Ceto    =  24 Pi 11
Vertex  =  25 Pi 13
Nessus = 23 Pi 55
OP32   =  25 Vi 33 r

Mars    =  23 Sc 52        Trine
TO66    = 23 Sc 02  
Bienor  = 25 Sc 00

Pluto    = 24 Ge 32 r     Square
Node    = 25 Ge 54

SB60    = 24 Li 44         Quincunx

XR190  =   4 Ar 48
Saturn  =   3 Ar 56

Ixion     =   4 Vi 39 r      Quincunx
Asbolus =   3 Vi 22 r
Cyllarus =   4 Vi 56 r  
Crantor  =   3 Vi 35 r

Echeclus =  3 Aq 18      Sextile

PB112   =   4 Sa 29      Trine

Chiron   =  20 Aq 23     Semisquare

Astrological Setting (Sidereal - Fagan/Bradley)

RIYAL  Thu December 31 1908  UT 21h27m56s  Lat49n04  Lon25e23   SORT ALL

       Planet      Longit.

      VU2      =  0Pi09   
      WN188    =  0Aq10   
      Mars    =  0Sc24     
      Nessus   =  0Pi27    
      Ceto     =  0Pi43     
      QB243    =  0Ge56 r  
      Eris     =  1Pi04     
      Pluto    =  1Ge04 r    
      SB60     =  1Li16   
      Bienor   =  1Sc32     
      Vertex   =  1Pi46                                                         
      OP32     =  2Vi06 r    
      Logos    =  2Ar09 r    
      Node     =  2Ge26          
      UR163    =  2Sc46      
      WL7      =  3Pi11      
      Midheav  =  4Ge02                   
      AZ84     =  4Pi05     
      Ascend   =  4Vi33                            
      TD10     =  5Li05     
      GM137    =  5Vi10     
      VR130    =  5Le17 r    
      GQ21     =  5Ge34 r   
      Thereus  =  5Ge42 r
      Teharonhi=  5Li45    
      Varuna   =  5Aq52    
      LE31     =  6Vi19 r   
      CY118    =  7Ta01 r  
      CF119    =  7Ar09 r   
      FY9      =  7Ta23 r   
      VS2      =  7Sa32     
      CO104    =  7Sc40     
      XA255    =  7Pi41     
      Moon     =  7Ar43     
      RL43     =  7Ge57 r  
      Pholus   =  8Li18   
      BL41     =  8Ca36 r   
      DH5      =  8Li53     
      CE10     =  9Le09 r    
      QF6      =  9Le37 r  
      Echeclus =  9Cp51      
      Asbolus  =  9Le54 r   
      Crantor  = 10Le07 r   
      Saturn   = 10Pi28     
      PB112    = 11Sc01     
      Ixion    = 11Le12 r   
      XR190   = 11Pi20     
      Cyllarus = 11Le28 r   
      RP120    = 11Li36     
      UJ438    = 11Cp47    
      Pelion   = 11Cp49      
      XX143    = 12Ta11 r   
      RD215    = 12Sc17     
      FZ53     = 12Sa27     
      QD112    = 12Vi36      
      OM67     = 13Li01     
      GV9      = 13Ta13 r   
      CO1      = 14Le05 r   
      VQ94     = 14Pi10     
      Orcus    = 14Pi13     
      QB1      = 15Sc05      
      MW12     = 15Le44 r  
      Typhon   = 15Aq45      
      CR105    = 15Pi58     
      KF77     = 16Pi05     
      96PW     = 16Le07 r    
      Sun      = 16Sa23      
      Sedna    = 16Pi26      
      EL61     = 16Ge41 r
      Huya     = 16Ta49 r   
      Deucalion= 16Ge53 r    
      RG33     = 16Li58     
      PJ30     = 17Ca03 r   
      HB57     = 17Ge16 r   
      Venus   = 17Sc46      
      Radamantu= 18Pi03     
      SQ73     = 18Sc05    
      GB32     = 18Ge41 r  
      MS4      = 18Le55 r   
      UX25     = 19Sa00     
      Chaos    = 19Cp25     
      FP185    = 20Ta23 r  
      KX14     = 20Ge40 r    
      Mercury  = 20Sa55        
      Jupiter  = 21Le03 r      
      PA44     = 21Ta07 r   
      RN43     = 21Vi23      
      Pylenor  = 21Li37    
      RM43     = 21Sa44    
      TY364    = 21Sc45    
      CZ118    = 21Ge54 r   
      Neptune  = 22Ge25 r      
      OO67     = 22Li36     
      TL66    = 22Sa47     
      XZ255    = 22Sa49      
      Hylonome = 22Cp57      
      Uranus   = 23Sa07     
      AW197    = 23Ar27 r  
      Apogee   = 23Ca57    
      TX300    = 24Li05     
      RZ215    = 24Vi05     
      Okyrhoe  = 24Ge06 r   
      RR43     = 24Sc15    
      SA278    = 24Cp22     
      FZ173    = 24Ta46 r   
      DA62     = 24Pi57 r   
      Quaoar   = 25Ca02 r    
      Chiron   = 26Cp55    
      BU48     = 27Sc10     
      Chariklo = 27Aq20     
      RZ214    = 27Li35      
      YQ179    = 27Pi47 r   
      TC302    = 28Cp33     
      PN34     = 28Ge35 r    
      Elatus   = 28Aq43     
      Amycus   = 28Cp51      
      CC22     = 28Li53      
      OX3      = 29Vi08      
      TO66     = 29Li34    
      GZ32     = 29Sc47

Focused Minor Planets

EL61     =  16 Ge 41 r       ("The Terror behind")
Deucalion = 16 Ge 53 r
HB57     =  17 Ge 16 r
Sun       =  16 Sa 23

Venus  =  17 Sc 46      Quincunx

Sedna    = 16 Pi 26        Square
CR105   = 15 Pi 58
Rhadamanthus = 18 Pi 03

Huya      =  16 Ta 49 r     Semisextile

Typhon   = 15 Aq 45      Trine

MW12    = 15 Le 44 r    Sextile

VS2      =   7 Sa 32

Moon   =   7 Ar 43         Trine
CF119  =   7 Ar 09 r  

Pholus  =   8 Li 18          Sextile

Hylonome =  22 Cp 57  Semisquare
OO67   = 22 Li 36

FY9      =   7 Ta 23 r       Quincunx

XA255 =   7 Pi 41          Square

RM43   =   21 Sa 44
TL66    =   22 Sa 47
Mercury  =  20 Sa 55
Uranus =  23 Sa 07
XZ255   =  22 Sa 49
Neptune  =  22 Ge 25 r
CZ118   =  21 Ge 54 r
KX14     =  20 Ge 40 r

Jupiter =  21 Le 03 r    Grand Trine
AW197  =  23 Ar 27 r

Varuna  =    5 Aq 52     Semisquare

RN43     =  21 Vi 23       Square

OO67     =  22 Li 36       Sextile
Pylenor  =   21 Li 37

TY364   =   21 Sc 45     Semisextile

Varuna   =    5 Aq 52

Mercury =  20 Sa 55     Semisquare

Ascend   =    4 Vi 33       Quincunx

GQ21      =    5 Ge 34 r   Trine
Thereus  =    5 Ge 42 r
Teharonhi =  5 Li 45      
TD10      =    5 Li 05

Eris     =     1 Pi 04
Ceto    =     0 Pi 43
Vertex  =    1 Pi 46
Nessus =   0 Pi 27
OP32    =   2 Vi 06 r  

Mars     =   0 Sc 24        Trine
TO66    =  29 Li 34
Bienor  =    1 Sc 32

Pluto   =    1 Ge 04 r     Square
Node    =    2 Ge 26

SB60   =    1 Li 16         Quincunx

XR190    =  11 Pi 20
Saturn   =  10 Pi 28

Ixion      =   11 Le 12 r    Quincunx
Asbolus  =    9 Le 54 r  
Cyllarus  =   11 Le 28 r
Crantor   =   10 Le 07 r

Echeclus =    9 Cp 51     Sextile

PB112    =   11 Sc 01     Trine

Chiron    =   26 Cp 55     Semisquare

Additional tentative keyword for 2003 EL61:

- Life-changing Event


Tentatively, for 2005 RM43:

- Tireless investigation
- Dreaming a precise target
- Searching or refusing Justice
- Scrupulous devotion
- Strenuous nature
- No concessions, no compromise
- Vigorous opponent
- Strong national profile

Posted to Centaurs (YahooGroups) on June 28, 2008